If your road race is in the El Paso/Las Cruces area and you would like a chip timed race, let us time it!!!


About Us

We have over 25 years experience timing road race, high school and middle school track meets, as well as high school and middle school cross country meets. Our goal is to raise money for THE EASTWOOD RUNNING CLUB, so that our athletes have the opportuninty to travel and compete outside of El Paso.   We time the largest road race in El Paso (YMCA Turkey Trot) as well we have timed some of the smallest, our experience is wide ranging.


We want to provide a low cost, high quality service to those looking to host a Road Race to raise money for your cause. You get over 2 decades of experience for a low cost, which means more money goes to your charity, and in turn you help local athletes have the opportunity to travel and compete out of town.

Besides timing the race, we provide many additional services FREE OF CHARGE

What we provide:

Finishline Photo: We upload finish line photo online and provide you and the participants a link to the photos. These are free to download!

Event Website: We provide a link were participants can view results, print a "Finishers Certificate" on RunSignUp.com This website can also handle your online registration if you choose to do so (which we recommend). 

Email Notifications: Participants will receive an email after the race to inform them where to find the results, photos, and the email also includes their individual race performance (overall time, overall place, pace per mile, age division rank, speed, etc...) We can also send out any pre-race or post race announcements you would like to make. ( we must be provided participant emails to do this)

Instant Results: Results will be uploaded to RunSignUp.com within 5 min of completion of race.

Modern Late Registration: We supply 3 tablets for late registration, which are networked to our finishline computer. This allows registration to occur more quickly, allow participants to pay with credit/debit, cash or check. Because this registartion is so efficient late registration can take place as close as 5 min to the start of the race. Better late registration means more money collected for charity. Use of RunSignUp.com for participant registration is required for this option.

Beautiful Inflatable Start/Finish Line---Multicolored Finish Line Clock:

Large outdoor LED scoreboard: This will be avaliable in 2023


Service Cost:

For traditional 5k/10k if you have less than 300 registered participants the cost is $1500. Above that a quote is needed, Our cost is usually less than half of other chip timing providers-however this doesn't mean the service you receive is lacking in any way. We simply want to be the best value chip timing provider on the market. Eastwood Running Club Timing is run by passionate coaches, runners & race directors that are well aware of the outrageous fees charged by professional timing companies. We know that most races are small to medium sized events held for the benefit of worthy charities. Furthermore, we are not trying to make a profit, we use the money you pay us to help the kids in "The Eastwood Running Club" travel to out of town races.

Bibs: Bibs, safty pins and timing chips are not included in the price.  If you will not be providing the bibs and or chips we can give you a seperate quote for these items.

City Permits: https://www.elpasotexas.gov/planning-and-inspections/special-events

If you follow the link above it will give you the information about the permits that will be required if you plan for your race to be on El Paso City streets. The city and police are very use to road races and are very helpful. These permits take very little time to fill out. (You will be responsible for filling out permits and cost of permits as well as police services).

Course: If you would like help in setting up your route or course we would be happy to help! If you would like our advice here, the lower you can keep your cost the more money goes to your cause. Utlilizing parks means less of your course will be on the streets and the less you have to pay for police officers.



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