In 2005 3 Eastwood Track Athlete's accepted scholarship's

Matt Hughes(Doane)/Gabe Vargas(DePaul)/Alvin Yates (Doane)

In 2006 4 Eastwood Track Athlete's accepted scholarships and are pictured below

Yadira Salazar(Doane)/Mike Pivarnick(Doane)/Paul Garcia (Doane) Mike Vargas

In 2007

Travis Hatcher (Doane) accepted a scholarship

In 2008 Jessica Ubanyionwu (Baylor), Jessica Payne (NMSU), Nathan Rivera (CSW), Liz Cevera (CSW),                       Maegen Stires (SMU) accepted scholarships

In 2009 Monique Macias (CSW), Issac Spoon (Texas State), Connor Buntyn (CSW) Jessica Salazar (Wayland Baptist) accepted scholarships their collage pictures will be posted here when they get there and they send them.

In 2010 Isabel Regalado (CSW) and Elyssa Garcia (North Texas State)

olivia lara

In 2011 Juan Blanco UTEP,Alex Bennett, Kayla Ambrose (Doane), Brandee Baca ((North Texas State) Olivia Lara(St Marys)

Alex Maldonado.

2012 Aimme Apodaca (Western New Mexico) Elias Leija-Garza (Kansas)

all accepted scholarships








Eastwood High School would like to thank Terri Gent for his hospitality in

researching and helping the Eastwood High Records be accurate.