Ysleta ISD and Eastwood High School Athletic Trip Form
Student Permission Slip

Date of Trip:
My son/daughter________________________________has our permission to attend the_______________________________________which is a school approved function.  The team will travel by _______ to ________________leaving El Paso on ______________at _________on ________ and returning at approximately ____________on_____________________. The team will be staying at the _____________________________phone #______________address_________________________.  While we realize that all precautions will be taken for the safety of the students, we understand that neither the coaches nor Ysleta ISD can be held responsible in case of an accident.  If our son/daughter is involved in an accident or if he/she becomes ill, we authorize the school’s designated representatives to consent on our son’s/daughter’s behalf to a physician’s care and/or emergency medical and/orsurgical treatment.  It is further understood that school authorities will notify parents/guardians as soon as possible if any emergency arises, but in no way is treatment to be delayed until that time.

Athletes need to report to__________________________no later than ________________on _____________________.

My son/daughter has our/my permission to attend the ________________________meet.


Parent Signature

My son/daughter is currently taking the following medication and he/she will be taking this medication during the trip.
Medication:______________________________Dosage:______________Time taken:_________
Medication:______________________________Dosage:______________Time taken:_________

Emergency number and name of contact:









Eastwood High School would like to thank Terri Gent for his hospitality in

researching and helping the Eastwood High Records be accurate.